Slightly Gruesome Picture for I’m A Scientist

It’s a nice image based on an MRI scan of my head, with a section cut away to reveal the brain, but maybe slightly off-putting for the squeamish?


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Red Cabbage

Yesterday I got the information pack for I Am A Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here

I got my #IAS2010 Scientist Pack - exciting. on Twitpic

The pack has information about how to login to the IAS website, which
will go live next week. Each scientist is asked to create a profile, a
bit like a celebrity profile in Hello or Smash Hits (a pop magazine
from my school days).


Suddenly the innocuous questions they put to celebs seem scarily
penetrating and revealing – what is my favourite thing? what is the
most fun thing I’ve every done? It’d better be fun, or else I’ll sound
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Avoiding Jedward Status?


I’ve been picked to take part in an online competition called “I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here”. One hundred scientists compete to interest and impress school students and hopefully in the process demonstrate that they’re normal people. We’re divided into groups of five, and in each group £500 is at stake – the students will be voting to evict us, one by one, as in Big Brother, the X factor, and Over The Rainbow. Everyone is keen to stay in and avoid Jedward status. I am in the “Imaging Zone” with Stephen Curry, Pete Edwards, Marieke Navin, and Steve Roser. Continue reading “Avoiding Jedward Status?”