Slightly Gruesome Picture for I’m A Scientist

It’s a nice image based on an MRI scan of my head, with a section cut away to reveal the brain, but maybe slightly off-putting for the squeamish?


And in other I’m A Scientist news: I met with fellow York-based I’m A Scientists over coffee and we had a nice chat. We’re all in it to win it. Jo Buckley is an experienced science communicator who has a show on the Radio York every Tuesday. I listened in and she managed to give us a little plug on her programme.

Today the website went officially live, and I’ve spent a little while trying to fill out my online profile. Describe yourself in three words? I didn’t know what to say, so I asked the advice of those who know me best. My children suggested “kind” and “fat” and I drew the experiment to a close at that point. At least they had the decency to leave out the “of”. I am going with “an open-minded sceptic” and I will explain why that isn’t an oxymoron later.



Author: tomhartley

Neuroscientist and University Lecturer in Psychology

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