If I Can Dream

Sadly the dream is over. Despite my “Last Throw” video, I was unable to stop the Ginger Ninja , Prof. Stephen Curry of Imperial College from prevailing over the Imaging Zone in I’m A Scientist. One twitter respondent described our deathmatch battle as being like Borg v McEnroe, which I took to be a complement either way. Another quipped “more like Borg v Picard”. I certainly did feel that resistance was futile at times.

Prof Stephen Curry, Imperial College: Resistance is Futile Continue reading “If I Can Dream”

The Last Throw

Amazingly, I got through to the last two in I’m A Scientist, and I am not giving up now.

I was almost certain I was going to be eliminated at 3.30 today, but incredibly I managed to pip Meeks at the post, meaning that I got through to the final round of IAS, with only (!) Prof. Stephen Curry – the Ginger Ninja of Structural Biology. Stephen launched his final onslaught earlier in the week with a cheesy video, loved by the students – how on earth could I respond? Well, I pulled out all the stops, and managed to put this video together it’s for the students in the Imaging zone, and it explains why YOU SHOULD VOTE TOM, TOMORROW. Vote Tom, and “Scan Your Teacher will be a reality”!

You Tube version (low bandwidth) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGozMBestkA

Posterous native version (if you can’t get YouTube) below

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When they said I’m A Scientist was about “engagement” I had no idea…

A couple more I’m A Scientist live chats toward the end of the week, and a lot more questions. Although the chats are not the best way to get information across they are certainly entertaining, engaging and, in the best cases, mind-boilingly exhilarating. Continue reading “When they said I’m A Scientist was about “engagement” I had no idea…”

On the feasibility of a zombie apocalypse, and other questions.

So three days into I’m A Scientist, and really this is the first chance I’ve had to write a blog about it, because I’ve been so busy answering questions. I estimate I’ve answered 150 -certainly it takes up three pages on the IAS website – you can see them here. The questions are almost all great – some I got right, some tempted me to go off-piste into topics I don’t know that much about, some made me reveal more about myself than I wanted to, and some were bizarre, but nearly all made me think.


Me pretending to use my sexy new iPad to do I’m A Scientist – actually I use the laptop because I can type quicker. The picture is dark and grainy because it is late at night. That part is real. Continue reading “On the feasibility of a zombie apocalypse, and other questions.”