Two trophies in one day!


I am rather proud as Steven Berry (pictured left) whose third-year project I supervised won a prize today. In his hand he is holding the mighty crystal brain trophy (you can just about make out the 3D brain etched into the block) which he gets to keep. We give one of these a year to the student who makes the most convincing 15 minute presentation on their project work. I already knew Steven’s project was fascinating, but I didn’t know whether he’s be able to do a great presentation. He handed the report in last Friday, and we hadn’t had a chance to discuss the talk at all. Disappointingly, I had to miss it as I had another meeting at the same time (which also meant I didn’t get to vote). However several staff I spoke to told me they were blown away. He must have done a fantastic job, as the competition is always very stiff, with many presentations rivaling those given by experienced speakers at academic conferences.

As it is the last day for our third years we had a celebratory game of staff-student rounders in the afternoon, accompanied by a delicious barbecue. I did not do too well this year, but the staff team won without much difficulty. It is a good job our students are better at Psychology than they are at rounders and not the other way around.

Author: tomhartley

Neuroscientist and University Lecturer in Psychology

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