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Next time, let’s speak up before the axe is falling: Science Is Vital


Today we have heard the result of the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). The science budget has been frozen for the next four years. Read More…

A Reply from Julian Sturdy: Science Is Vital.

My MP Julian Sturdy replied to my letter concerning the Science Is Vital campaign


Read More…

Science Is Vital: the videos

A video letter to my MP:

Faces of the Science Is Vital Rally, 9th October 2010, HM Treasury, London.


Why Science Is Vital, Part 3: A follow up to my MP: Julian Sturdy – Conservative


I’ve received no response to my first letter below so I decided to follow it up with another one. Much progress has been made with the Science Is Vital campaign and we now have over 14000 signatures Read More…


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