Why Science Is Vital, Part 3: A follow up to my MP: Julian Sturdy – Conservative


I’ve received no response to my first letter below so I decided to follow it up with another one. Much progress has been made with the Science Is Vital campaign and we now have over 14000 signatures (it’s only been running for two weeks) – we’ve been endorsed by a slew of important organizations and individuals. In the unlikely event that you’re reading this but have not already signed, you can do so here. You can download a poster for your coffee- or common room here. You can come to London on Saturday to demonstrate outside HM treasury – I’m going to be there. And you can write to your MP – I hope you will have better luck than I have so far! [Edit: in fact Julian Sturdy had replied by the time I wrote this post, the letter had been mislaid.]

Julian Sturdy MP Conservative MP for York Outer

Dear Julian Sturdy,

I am writing to you again about the Science Is Vital campaign, which has been established to defend publicly funded scientific research against cuts in the forthcoming spending review.

This week British-based scientists won two separate Nobel prizes for world beating scientific research – illustrating the excellence of the UK’s publicly funded science. David Willetts put it like this:

“I am delighted to congratulate Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov on this outstanding achievement supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. This award is great news for the UK research sector and is a sign that we attract the best scientists from around the world, which is good for business. This cutting-edge breakthrough will no doubt bring great benefits to the UK economy and our future growth.”

It doesn’t take two brains to work out that cutting public funding will damage our prospects for growth at this critical time. Indeed the idea has rightly been described as “lunacy” by Daily Mail science correspondent Michael Hanlon. It would do you great credit if you spoke up for science now – before it is too late.

I would again ask that you sign EDM 767, and please take the time to respond to this message, even if very briefly.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Tom Hartley


Author: tomhartley

Neuroscientist and University Lecturer in Psychology

2 thoughts on “Why Science Is Vital, Part 3: A follow up to my MP: Julian Sturdy – Conservative”

  1. York Central MP Hugh Bayley (Labour) has signed EDM 767 (the list in your link won’t be updated until after recess apparently), and replied very quickly when I contacted him. Shame that our other York MP isn’t supporting science (or his constituents).

  2. Hi Louise, I checked today, and it seems Hugh Bayley hasn’t signed 767 yet, although I think he did sign 707. Might be worth getting back to him.

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