The BBC made an excellent documentary, about a great scientist. The clips below tell the story of the the teacher who inspired her. They’re worth watching, and the whole documentary is highly recommended.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell is a Physicist.

Jocelyn went on to do a PhD. She discovered pulsars, stars which sends out regular bursts of radio waves as they spin. No one had suspected anything like this to exist.

Jocelyn’s PhD supervisor won the Nobel prize for their discovery, but she missed out. Other people thought she deserved some of the credit.

Jocelyn was philosophical about missing out on the prize. She went on to become one of Britain’s most honoured scientists (she grew up in Northern Ireland); she is a Dame, a Fellow of the Royal Society and recently stepped down as President of the Institute of Physics.

But she has never forgotten the superteacher, Mr Tillett, who first inspired her.

Teachers make a difference. If you’ve had an inspirational teacher, make sure you say thank you.


Author: tomhartley

Neuroscientist and University Lecturer in Psychology

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