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British PhD-qualified scientists are amongst the most productive in the world, so why are so many being forced out of scientific research by an unstable career structure?

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My Scientific Personality

What makes one scientist different from another? When I participated in I’m A Scientist, an online engagement event with schools, the students’ questions made me think hard about the kind of science I do…

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Faces of ICOM 5

A gallery of images from this summer’s ICOM 5, the world’s largest ever specialist conference on memory research, held at the University of York.

Grid Cells

Left - path taken by a rat moving around a square environment (black line). Red dots show locations where an individual grid cell in medial entorhinal cortex fires. Right - colour map showing average firing rate for each location in the environment. "Hotter" colours indicate higher firing rates. Source: scholarpedia article on grid cells, by Edvard and May-Britt Moser.

If you are at all interested in how the brain or mind works, for example if you study psychology, neuroscience or philosophy of mind, then you know should about grid cells. I know I said that already about place cells, but they are pretty amazing aren’t they? Well, as amazing as place cells are, grid cells are even more remarkable.

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