Science v Philosophy

Any friendly philosophers or scientists fancy getting together for a discussion on G+ Hangouts in the next few days?

UPDATE: The Hangout is planned for 21/2/2013 1730 GMT. Comment here or tweet @tom_hartley for an invitation. You will need to provide your preferred gmail address (but you should do this privately, e.g., by twitter DM or by adding me on G+).

The long-standing but largely dormant tension between Philosophy and Science has been bubbling up recently, stoked in part by a discussion between Lawrence Krauss and Julian Baggini and others who have been arguing about the boundaries of their respective disciplines.

At the same time some (notably Casadevall and Fang, discussed here) argue that science itself is in crisis and have prescribed Philosophy as part of the solution – though not in my poll scientists agreed with this point.

I can see both sides of this, and I have a nagging feeling that Philosophy still has a great deal to contribute to Science (or should it be vice-versa). But, at least where I have worked, there’s been relatively little contact between scientists and philosophers, so is it worth trying to bridge this widening divide?

I think a Google+ Hangout might be a good start. Is anyone with me?


Author: tomhartley

Neuroscientist and University Lecturer in Psychology

4 thoughts on “Science v Philosophy”

  1. I’d love to. I do the science, but I teach the theory of science classes at our masters level (and read stuff there for fun – I’m sure people here would understand : ) ). As always, depends on when etc. This week is one of those intense teaching weeks (but, also one where the classes are philosophy of science. Embodiment next).

    1. My intial thought is early evening UK time (say 1730 GMT) either 20-22 Feb or some time on Saturday if other times aren’t good. Will set up doodle poll if there is sufficient interest.

  2. I share your view Tom about how much science and philosophy can benefit from each other. I’ve always viewed them as two sides of the same coin. In fact I regard robotics as experimental philosophy (of the kind championed by Dan Dennett).

    Be very happy to join a discussion. If early evening then could make 21st.

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