I am undecided about the EU referendum.

Although I am fast approaching 50 (actually 48) I never had a chance to vote on this issue, and indeed when my parents’ and grandparents’ generations voted to join the Common Market, it was very different to today’s European Union. The increasing constitutional power of the EU over its member states has been justified by the words “ever closer union” that appear in the original treaty that established the European Community, but subsequent generations have never been consulted on whether this objective is desirable or what form it might take in practice. We’re not even being asked now – it’s “take it, or leave it”. This lack of consultation is a symptom of a broader problem – EU citizens just don’t have much say in its direction. So, I don’t really want to miss what is likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to have some say in the issue, but I am feeling decidedly ambivalent.

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